Here at HR Strategies, we take pride in working hard for our clients. Our personal touch, strong work ethic, and over 170 years of HR experience make us a good choice for entrepreneurs and small and medium business owners. Call us today at (770) 339-0000 ext. 129 to find out why these clients have great things to say about us!

“Thank you for the very informative seminar yesterday. I appreciate the team at HR Strategies keeping us informed and helping us run our businesses well.”


“It is not often enough that people take the time to recognize outstanding customer service and a high standard of business ethic; too often only the negative factors are brought to light. However, working with HR Strategies, now into our second year, it is important that other companies find out about this hidden treasure.

Every representative of HR Strategies has provided excellent customer service, from the original sales representative, to our local representative, to the benefits team and the team in payroll; they have all been willing to go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction with their service.

HR Strategies has brought to this market something almost forgotten this day and time, true sincerity in business and people who actually care about you and your business. Every need that we have had: payroll, employee issues, workers’ compensation claims, and employment issues and advice have all been handled very professionally and in a timely manner.

Over the last several years our company has worked with over five different commercial PEO/HR Groups,some were the biggest names in the industry. All have ultimately ended in termination of the relationship due to poor customer service, incorrect processing of payroll, unacceptable errors and no employee support. Either we were too small for them or they were too big for us. Our company employs 50+ team members, an average company with the need for an HR Group, and we have not been able to find a cohesive relationship until meeting HR Strategies.

I would recommend HR Strategies to any size company looking for exceptional customer service and someone to make your business run more efficiently.


“I just wanted to thank you for your service to our company. The transition has been flawless and I really appreciate how your staff has been proactive in working with me to get us up and running. We were expecting a few challenges but they just never materialized.”


“HR Strategies has a great staff of friendly, competent, professional peopleWe rely on their expertise. They are especially valuable now with the stimulus program and as changes are phased in for benefit requirement.

As our world gets more complex we are happy to have a strong partner watching our back.”


“I have been using HR Strategies’ service and am extremely happy with their professionalism. They make everything easy and seamless. Now I don’t have to worry about processing payroll, HR issues, employee benefits, or workers’ compensation.”


“Our company has been working with HR Strategies since June of 2010. They are great people to work with and have handled the few issues that have come upquickly and efficiently. All of our payrolls have been delivered in a timely manner and their staff members have gone over and above to accommodate our needs. I really like the fact that we have gone to a paperless system. I do not have to deal with checks or check stubs. Everything is either directly deposited into a bank account or put on a debit card.”


“I have been very happy with the service of HR Strategies. Everyone is always professional. Sharon has always been there to help me with all my payroll issues. The entire team at HR Strategies is outstanding to work with! I would recommend them to anyone.”


“If you are looking for a great company to meet your payroll and HR needs, HR Strategies is the one. This team will provide you with great customer serviceeach and every time you call them. Allstaff HR Group will help you meet your personal and professional employer needs.”


“I have been using HR Strategies for years. I havealways been very happy with their service. I love the fact that I get a live person to speak with and not a machine. If you are in need of a people friendly company to handle your payroll and HR needs, give HR Strategies a call.



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