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Groundhog Day

According to folklore, if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then spring will come early; if it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow, and the winter weather will persist for six more weeks.


The most famous of groundhogs to be such a “weather forecaster” is Punxsutawney Phil; however, here in Georgia many of us look to General Beauregard Lee, the famous groundhog who resides at Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn, Georgia, to give the prediction of when spring will come to the South.

Groundhog Day is a tradition that inspired a motion picture, named after the holiday and starring Bill Murray, in 1993. The movies main character Phil, continues to live the same day (February 2nd) over and over, until he gets the events of the day right. Often times, work can feel like “Groundhog Day”, if you are continuously repetitive in your actions, motions, and interactions. Maybe you are finding yourself going through the motions, rather than forging ahead and getting things right to be able to end the repetitiveness.

Whether or not the Groundhog saw his shadow today, why not be reminded today to forge ahead, do the best you can/what is right, and maybe even to shake things up?

As a business owner, do you need help forging ahead when it comes to HR policies and payroll? Maybe it’s time to shake things up in your company, and free up your time by using our services.

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Snow Jams Georgia Companies

Yesterday’s snow has created chaos in the metro Atlanta area. Read this article for a taste of what we are going through here in Duluth, Georgia. Commuters are still on the road after leaving the workplace yesterday afternoon.

Here at HR Strategies, we are working though the snow and ice to make sure we meet the needs of our clients. Our employees who are closest to the office are already there working and all other employees are working remotely from home. We have a Disaster Recovery Plan put in place that prepares us for situations like today. As it doesn’t look like it will be warming up anytime soon, our clients can rest easy knowing that, just like the snow storm of 2011, we will be there for them all the way through.

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snow jam

HR Strategies Gives

This year, as in past years, HR Strategies took part in a local organization’s holiday giving. We took on an “Angel Tree”, a holiday program from The Quinn House.

angel treeWe had more than 50 paper angels, each one bearing just one request of a local child in need.

angel tree full

Most of these children won’t receive anything else this holiday season, and we are excited to say that every single angel at our office was fulfilled! We are so happy to be fortunate enough to be able to provide these 50 or so children with a gift this year.

Come back tomorrow to see all of the gifts that will be under needy children’s trees tomorrow morning!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!


HR Strategies Payroll Case Study

HR Strategies Delivers All Payroll On Time During Week-Long Ice Storm

Actual Picture from Ice Storm
Taken in Lawrenceville, Georgia February 2011


With HR Strategies powerful integrated on-site support and personal service, clients can rest assured that the responsibilities of payroll have been handled completely and accurately, even in the most adverse conditions. In February 2011, a large portion of Georgia, and therefore Metro Atlanta, experienced heavy snow and extreme winter conditions which are unusual for the area. Metro Atlanta, including Duluth where HR Strategies is headquartered, is not used to extreme winter conditions and can easily have its roads and infrastructure crippled by large amounts of snow. The snow storm that affected Georgia in February of 2011 was dubbed “snowpocalypse”, and caused many school and business closings for several days. While employees may have enjoyed having a few extra days at home, they still needed to get their scheduled paychecks. Employers were already worried about loss of revenue from being closed for business, and the thought of having disgruntled employees from a delay in payroll was an added worry on their shoulders.


HR Strategies understood the need for client employees to be paid, and the need for the client to have one less business concern during the stress of an unforeseen circumstance prohibiting business and life “as usual”.  On the Friday before the big storm, HR Strategies staff came together and devised a plan to ensure that payroll processes, and all other client needs, would be met in case of inclement weather.  On Monday, when it seemed that the world had closed down in Georgia, HR Strategies was armed and ready for business as usual.  Beginning that morning, payroll specialists were busy getting to work, only this time it was in their homes. The entire staff took advantage of their ability to work remotely and were able to continue business as usual, to the best of their abilities from home. Payroll specialists took hours over their cell phones from clients, ran the processes and reports, sent direct deposit and bank files, all from home.  They were able to keep in contact with each other and the rest of HR Strategies staff through conference calls, and ensure that all clients were handled.  The owner and CEO of HR Strategies, along with one designated payroll specialist, was able to make it to the office to pick up live checks and reports that had generated to be packaged for clients. These live checks were then hand delivered by the owner to the client locations, as most courier services (i.e. FedEx, UPS) were not operating on time or at all during the extreme conditions. Over the next three days HR Strategies continued to make sure that all of their client payrolls were handled accurately and on-time from remote locations.


Dedication, team work, and planning enabled HR Strategies to go above and beyond to ensure that their clients and client employees were paid, and their needs met.  HR Strategies was able to pull together and use their resources and remote capabilities in order to deliver at a time when most services were unable to. Through the dedication of the whole team, clients were able to experience that HR Strategies provides exceptional service.

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