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The Social Networking Online Protection Act (SNOPA)

social mediaOn April 27th, 2012, Rep. Eliot Engel, introduced the Social Networking Online Protection Act (SNOPA). SNOPA is being introduced with urging form the ACLU to pass legislation based on the rights to keep online accounts private; as concerns grow about employers asking applicants and employees for their login credentials to social networking sites.  SNOPA legislation prohibits employers from requiring a person’s login credentials to access their online content.

According to the ACLU website, “Such demands constitute a grievous invasion of privacy. Private activities that would never be intruded upon offline should not receive less privacy protection simply because they take place online. It is inconceivable that an employer or school official would be permitted to read an applicant’s or student’s diary or postal mail, listen in on the chatter at their private gatherings with friends, or look at their private videos and photo albums. Nor should they expect the right to do the electronic equivalent.”

SNOPA will make it illegal for employers to access personal accounts or devices that are password protected. In addition, SNOPA will make it illegal for any employee or applicant to be required to provide Facebook passwords or private material, for employers to pressure employees to accept an employer as a member of their social network, to discharge or discipline an employee who refuses access to their online social networking, and to refuse to hire anyone who refuses access to their online networking.

HR Strategies HR Consulting


As an employer you rely on your employees to get the job done, and to get it done well in an efficient and profitable manner. Just as you rely on them, they rely on you to manage them well, and to meet their needs. The relationship between employer and employee is a complex one, with both needing things from the other. On top of that an employer must make sure that they are meeting government guidelines on employment practices. These are just a few of the many complex issues that are a part of Human Resources. When your human resource needs are handled accurately and professionally you are able to once again focus on profitability. HR Strategies is here to help you do just that with our Human Resource Administration Solutions.


Employment doesn’t just mean the hiring, paying, and perhaps the eventual termination of an employee. Employment means everything in the life cycle of an employee with your company. HR Strategies human resources department is here to assist with all of the complications and paperwork that go along with that lifecycle. We are here to aide you in writing help wanted ads and job descriptions; drug screening and verifications; new hire candidate assessment tools; new hire paperwork, including I-9 compliance; customized employee handbooks; employee policies and procedures; Federal and State required postings; human resource, supervisor, and compliance training; EEOC claims; Employment Practices Liability Insurance; Employee Assistance Program; compliance with IRS, INS, ADA, EEOC, FMLA, FLSA, DOT, COBRA, Title VII, etc.; discipline and termination counseling; investigation of employee/employer and employment complaints; and can help review and audit exiting procedures; just to name a few of our services involving human resources. We act as your partner in the human resource of your business.


By taking the burden of human resources administration off of you, we free your time from paperwork and allow you the time to focus on growing your company. When it comes to human resources we understand that the first word is “human”, thus individual. Just as each of our clients is unique in their industries, and business practices, we understand that your workforce is as well. We are here to help you provide for those individuals employment needs, while at the same time protecting your individual employer needs. With HR Strategies your needs are met, and you are free to grow your company to its full potential.

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Humana & LifeSynch Webinar

Happiness at Work: The Ultimate Productivity Booster


Wednesday, May 23, 2012  |  1 p.m. Eastern / 10 a.m. Pacific  |  1 Hour

Research shows that happiness – being satisfied with the direction of your life and your relationships – plays an important role in maintaining both mental and physical health. Happier people have fewer health issues, better relationships, less stress and can live longer.

With such clear benefits, how can you increase your happiness – especially at work? The workplace can be a source of stress, and dissatisfied workers can be disengaged, less productive and take more sick days. In contrast, when people are happy at work, they are more curious, make more money and are more productive.

Attend the Humana and LifeSynch webinar on May 23 with Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, the foremost authority on positive psychology and life coach who helps people find joy in all areas of life, as he provides insight and strategies for finding happiness at work, including:

  • How happiness at work fosters better relationships with coworkers, higher productivity and a better ability to handle conflict
  • How to utilize positive psychology to improve your outlook at work and at home
  • The difference between a career and a calling
  • The skill of job crafting to make work more rewarding and satisfying
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