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It’s Employee Appreciation Day!

So often employees rate their performance on whether or not they are given a pay raise or a promotion. While an employer handing out pay raises and promotions does in fact indicate that the employee is doing a good job, employers must not forget that employees need to be recognized more often than a raise or promotion can be given. To be recognized and rewarded is to value your employees, to realize that they are human beings, and to provide them with appreciation by listening to what they really need. Putting aside the wanting of a raise or a higher title, here are five things your employees need:

  1. A pleasant work environment.
    • A hostile work environment is just not healthy. If co-workers aren’t being respected, no one is going to feel of value. HR Strategies provides the HR consulting that is often needed to balance complex professional working relationships.
  2. Recognition
    • How about an employee of the month award? Or a company-wide email about the latest accomplishment of your employee?
  3. Perks
    • Do you have discounts that your employees can utilize? All worksite employees of HR Strategies have access to perks program discounts for a variety of establishments including the GA Aquarium, Six Flags, the Braves, Stone Mountain Park, and many more.
  4. Help/Personal Assistance
    • Is your company culture that of genuine sincerity for a co-worker/employees personal problems? An employee’s life outside of the office can greatly affect their productivity on the job. All HR Strategies worksite employees have access to our EAP program, which provides a variety of services to help ensure their overall wellbeing.
  5. Mentoring
    • Do managers listen to their employee’s professional goals, and give them the coaching they need to move toward those goals? Thus showing the employee value? Do you provide your employees the training they need to accomplish their work tasks?

Employees are not just a time clock badge ID number. They are human and have emotional needs to be met. Taking the time to provide for these needs you may find that they become more productive and better representatives of your business.


HR Strategies Perks Program

When was the last time you took a look at our Perks Program page? Click here or on the picture below to view it! We have all of the most exciting vendors in Atlanta! Especially with Summer coming up, check it out today to see all of the savings and discounts available to HR Strategies clients.

HR Strategies Perks Program

Today is Common Courtesy Day

tips in a jarDo you earn tips as a part of your job? If so, you’re a fan of “Common Courtesy Day”. Here are some IRS tips on how taxes apply to tip income:

Important Reminders about Tip Income

If your pay from your job includes tips, the IRS has a few important reminders about tip income:

  • Tips are taxable. Individuals must pay federal income tax on any tips they receive. The value of non-cash tips, such as tickets, passes or other items of value are also subject to income tax.
  • Include all tips on your return. You must include all tips that you receive during the year on your income tax return. This includes tips you received directly from customers, tips added to credit cards and your share of tips received under a tip-splitting agreement with other employees.
  • Report tips to your employer. If you receive $20 or more in cash tips in any one month, you must report your tips for that month to your employer. Your employer is required to withhold federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes on the reported tips.
  • Keep a daily log of tips. You can use IRS Publication 1244, Employee’s Daily Record of Tips and Report to Employer, to record your tips.


Beware the Ides of March

On this day in history:

Gaius Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome, is stabbed to death in the Roman Senate house by 60 conspirators led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus.

ides of march

Read more here.

Unrest in your workplace? Here at HR Strategies, we will take care of your company’s disciplinary actions and terminations for you. We can function anywhere from simply being your HR Consultant, all the way to acting as your business’ complete HR department. Let us know how you want us to customize our services to fit your needs today! Submit your Request for a Free Needs Analysis on our website and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

Out-of-the-Box Ways to Give this Holiday Season

This article from has some excellent ideas for giving this holiday season!

Consider these 10 out-of-the-box ways to effortlessly incorporate charity into your daily routine this holiday season:

Jump aboard the daily deal train

Websites, like Groupon and LivingSocial, have made daily deals a new phenomenon in consumer savings. But, why not add a charitable twist to make the whole transaction more meaningful? Sharing Spree is a new daily deal site that donates between 10-15 percent of every deal sold to non-profits or schools. Sharing Spree works with a number of well-known causes such as the American Cancer Society and Meals on Wheels. It also works with small, local charities that are always in need of a boost in donations.

Give for the future

Looking for a way to give back in the office or promote team solidarity? Turn charity into a team project. Whatever your company is passionate about — technology, innovation, cooking or arts — create a custom scholarship program and award students in need who best fit the criteria. Investing in even one student’s education is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Be a kid in a toy store

There is no better time than the holidays to reignite your inner child. Grab family, friends or co-workers and head to the local toy shop for a shopping spree that gives back. Check out Toys for Tots, a program that donates toys to children in need, to ensure that every last girl and boy has plenty of goodies under the tree on Christmas morning. There’s likely a collection in your hometown.

Help a friend dress for success

In the state of today’s economy, chances are you have an acquaintance that’s unemployed and back on the terrifying job-hunting grind. As any head honcho can attest, the first step to nailing that dream gig is looking professional at the interview — but not everyone can afford appropriate attire. Consider donating to Dress for Success, a program that donates gently used professional clothing to needy job-hunters across America. Your closest could probably use a good cleaning anyway.

Light up the season by going local

Whether hitting the grocery store before the influx of holiday house guests or braving the mall on Black Friday, there are plenty of ways to shop with purpose. Why not patronize stores and retail websites that sell handmade gifts or support small businesses? Buy local and buy American — the economy and the environment will thank you.

Make mom proud

As any mommy-to-be or young mother knows, expenses can get pretty steep when it comes to the new little bundle of joy. Why not help cut nursery costs this holiday season? The Help a Mother Organization is accepting donations of diapers and baby wipes that go to single moms in need and gives instructions on how to host your very own diaper drive and make a party of it.

Give the gift of life

Did you know the Red Cross needs about 1,000 units of blood each day to keep up with demand? Donate this holiday season to give the gift of life — in less than an hour. Read up on this great cause and locate a blood drive in your area by visiting Red Cross Blood.

Bring wish lists to life

The holidays are all about family, right? Look no further than the Salvation Army’s Adopt a Family program to make a big difference for families in need during the holiday season. Simply sign up online, select a local family of preferred family size and receive personalized wish lists from each member of the family soon thereafter. Learn more here and explore options in your hometown.

Benefit breast cancer research – and look good doing it

Shop Pink and fight breast cancer. With retailers from Sephora to Ann Taylor to Cuisine Art donating proceeds of sales to research, there’s a gift for everyone on your list that benefits the cause The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is able to direct $0.90 out of every $1.00 donated to toward breast cancer research and awareness programs — imagine the good you can do with a little retail therapy.

Spread the love overseas

Attention, proud patriots: it’s easier than ever to give back to our men and women in the armed forces this holiday season with Operation Gratitude. A quick online donation of any amount contributes to care packages sent to men and women overseas defending our freedom during the Christmas season.

There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit than to help those in need. So, why not keep the holidays stress-free and give back while doing it? Happy holidays, and start spreading that goodwill today!

Dana Free is director of non-profit relations for Sharing Spree.

To read the full article, click here.

To find out how HR Strategies can help your company, call us today at (770) 339-0000.

HR Strategies Regulatory Compliance


It seems as though every year the Federal and State governments are adding more acts, mandates, and laws to the business of employment. As a small to mid-sized business, you probably don’t have the time to keep up with the names of all of the new ones, let alone how they can impact you as an employer. Large corporations have complete in-house HR departments and legal departments that work at not only keeping up with the new regulations, but also keeping their corporations in compliance. Are you that lucky? Or are you risking the chance of fines and work interruption?


HR Strategies focuses on keeping you compliant by working as your off-site HR department, with the back-up of legal counsel from one of our strategic partners, Jackson Lewis, which is one of the largest law firms specializing in workplace law. HR Strategies team can help you reduce your risk and vulnerabilities to Federal, State, Local and Professional Regulatory changes. We maintain all of your employment related records in safe, professional, and government regulated ways.


We keep pace with changing governmental requirements that affect your business and help you stay compliant. By relieving your stress of whether or not you are in compliance, we give you the ability to focus on the aspects of your company for which you went into business, while we handle the behind the scenes issue of compliance.

See All HR Solutions Here

HR Strategies HR Consulting


As an employer you rely on your employees to get the job done, and to get it done well in an efficient and profitable manner. Just as you rely on them, they rely on you to manage them well, and to meet their needs. The relationship between employer and employee is a complex one, with both needing things from the other. On top of that an employer must make sure that they are meeting government guidelines on employment practices. These are just a few of the many complex issues that are a part of Human Resources. When your human resource needs are handled accurately and professionally you are able to once again focus on profitability. HR Strategies is here to help you do just that with our Human Resource Administration Solutions.


Employment doesn’t just mean the hiring, paying, and perhaps the eventual termination of an employee. Employment means everything in the life cycle of an employee with your company. HR Strategies human resources department is here to assist with all of the complications and paperwork that go along with that lifecycle. We are here to aide you in writing help wanted ads and job descriptions; drug screening and verifications; new hire candidate assessment tools; new hire paperwork, including I-9 compliance; customized employee handbooks; employee policies and procedures; Federal and State required postings; human resource, supervisor, and compliance training; EEOC claims; Employment Practices Liability Insurance; Employee Assistance Program; compliance with IRS, INS, ADA, EEOC, FMLA, FLSA, DOT, COBRA, Title VII, etc.; discipline and termination counseling; investigation of employee/employer and employment complaints; and can help review and audit exiting procedures; just to name a few of our services involving human resources. We act as your partner in the human resource of your business.


By taking the burden of human resources administration off of you, we free your time from paperwork and allow you the time to focus on growing your company. When it comes to human resources we understand that the first word is “human”, thus individual. Just as each of our clients is unique in their industries, and business practices, we understand that your workforce is as well. We are here to help you provide for those individuals employment needs, while at the same time protecting your individual employer needs. With HR Strategies your needs are met, and you are free to grow your company to its full potential.

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