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Our People’s Choice Awards 2010

This week, we’re going to highlight our most popular posts from 2010. Think of it as the People’s Choice Awards of the Blogosphere.

Our number 5 most popular link was a fairly recent post, dating only back to December 27, 2010. The content of this post is so important to anyone who has a business. It is especially important for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized businesses (which a majority of our clients are). Literally ‘putting yourself on the map’ is crucial to survive in this technological age. If a TomTom can’t find you, then your possible clientelle can’t find you.

Read or Re-read this great post on how to ‘Stay on Top in 2011’. And once you’ve done that, call us to learn how we can decrease your workload, take away worry, and help you accomplish all of your New Year’s Resolutions! Call (770) 339-000 ext. 129 to speak with a friendly Representative now!

And now, the votes have been tallied, and our Number 5 Favorite Post of 2010 was…

Small Business Owners: Use Google Local to Stay on Top in 2011

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