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Open House Success!

Last Thursday, January 14th, 2016, HR Strategies hosted an open house at their new location, allowing clients and invited guests to be able to tour the new space and see the many ways that the new location will enhance the services that are offered.

Guests were invited to enjoy refreshments in the new onsite training room while meeting the internal staff. This allowed them time to put faces with names and meet the benefits, payroll and client service reps that they talk to on a regular basis.

During the Open House we were able to give a brief demonstration of the upcoming enhancements to the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that our clients interface with, enabling them to see the continued investment we are making into providing top of the line services and technology platforms.

The turnout by clients was fabulous and we even gave away an Apple Watch to one lucky guest! The Open House was also an opportunity for our guests to network with a sample of the diverse selection of clients using our services. In this economy, HR Strategies wants to provide as many growth opportunities as possible to their clients!


HR Strategies Regulatory Compliance


It seems as though every year the Federal and State governments are adding more acts, mandates, and laws to the business of employment. As a small to mid-sized business, you probably don’t have the time to keep up with the names of all of the new ones, let alone how they can impact you as an employer. Large corporations have complete in-house HR departments and legal departments that work at not only keeping up with the new regulations, but also keeping their corporations in compliance. Are you that lucky? Or are you risking the chance of fines and work interruption?


HR Strategies focuses on keeping you compliant by working as your off-site HR department, with the back-up of legal counsel from one of our strategic partners, Jackson Lewis, which is one of the largest law firms specializing in workplace law. HR Strategies team can help you reduce your risk and vulnerabilities to Federal, State, Local and Professional Regulatory changes. We maintain all of your employment related records in safe, professional, and government regulated ways.


We keep pace with changing governmental requirements that affect your business and help you stay compliant. By relieving your stress of whether or not you are in compliance, we give you the ability to focus on the aspects of your company for which you went into business, while we handle the behind the scenes issue of compliance.

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HR Strategies’ Open House & Networking Event a Success

Last Thursday, March 22nd, HR Strategies held an Open House & Networking Event at our Duluth office. We had an excellent turnout; complete with office tours, delicious food, client networking and even a few display tables. This event was just one more step in our rebranding effort. With our new HR Strategies sign over the door, we welcomed clients and vendors to come enjoy an excellent meal and the company of our internal staff. It was exciting to see clients putting faces with the voices they talk to on the phone. We work very closely with our clients, and the personal relationships are strengthened when our clients get to meet our internal staff face to face.

Additional to the Open House, we also wanted to include the opportunity for our clients to network with one another. ‘Networking’ has become a commonly used phrase in the past few years, and in today’s world, is more necessary than ever before. As we have a very diverse selection of clients, we’ve found that they can help each other out, and we want to give them every opportunity to do so. We offered display tables to any client or vendor who wanted to showcase their business, and had a wonderful response, with a majority of the showcasing businesses offering some sort of discount to those in attendance. Attendees could walk around and talk to the representative from each table, acquiring information and promotional goodies. It was great to see clients talking about how they could help one another out. With the success of this networking event, we definitely plan on making it a more regular occurrence.

Clients, if you were unable to attend this event, we hope you can make it out next time! If you are a business owner, and think you’d like to learn a little more about what we do here at HR Strategies, call us today at (770) 339-0000 ext. 129 or email us at

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Yes, so January 1st has already passed, but it’s never too late to make a resolution for positive change.

So often we begin the New Year making a list of personal resolutions to better ourselves or our circumstances. What about our businesses? Why not resolve to better them and their circumstances?  After all they are our livelihood; the very entity that allows us the opportunity to then better ourselves.  It’s easy to look at the obvious personal resolutions:  exercise, diet, etc.  Resolutions for a business may be a bit harder to think of; how about resolving to one or more of the following? After all, even one positive resolution is sure to bring on further positive change.

  1. Review 2011
    • Look at the past year. What worked? What didn’t? Where did you gain the most profit? Where did you lose the most?  Resolve to look at what does and doesn’t work in your line of business, and to learn from it.
  2. Set Goals & Strategize
    • Resolve to set aside time daily, or at least weekly, to review where your business is at and where you want it to be. Then make a plan to get it there!  Reviewing throughout the year will allow you to change course as needed, and by utilizing weekly business planning sessions you can continually keep on track with your goals.
  3. Make Sure Your House is in Order
    • Resolve to be organized from the start with your books and taxes.  Keeping your finances in order from the start, including your taxes, bills, and payroll, will help you to avoid the stress of facing an audit unprepared.  In addition, go ahead and replace any equipment or necessary supplies that are in disrepair and making productivity harder.
  4. Invest In & Reward Your Employees
    • You hire the best, most talented employees in order to grow your business.  Now resolve to keep them motivated and morale high by investing in and rewarding them.  Offer training to continue their growth within your company.  Remember to reward good work and to identify them for going above and beyond.  Use positive constructive motivation and your results will be ten-fold.
  5. Forge New Partnerships / Networks
    • Resolve to join a networking or business organization to forge new partnerships and networks.  These can be of immeasurable value to your company. Through new contacts you may spark new business ideas, or gain referrals.
  6. Market
    • Resolve to promote your business regularly and consistently in a variety of ways. Not sure about social media? 2012 is the time to really give it a shot, as it is becoming more and more important in both marketing and research.  Also, don’t forget about reaching out to the customers you already have, they can be of great service in referrals and testimonials to use.  And lastly don’t forget to keep your website up to date and appealing!
  7. Consult & Serve Your Customers Well
    • Take the time to listen to your customers. Their insight can really help you identify what you are doing right, and what you need to improve on. Resolve to really take into account their comments and recommendations and to implement change from them.
  8. Delegate
    • Handing over tasks and relinquishing control can be one of the hardest things to do.  However, it can also be just the thing to help spur growth in your company.  If you are always consumed with the administrative tasks of payroll, benefits, etc., you are not focusing on bringing in revenue.  Why not resolve to hand over some of the burdensome administrative tasks to HR Strategies and focus on why you really went into business?
  9. Schedule YOU Time
    • Business can be consuming. As the “boss” you must make sure that you find time to schedule in your own down time. After all, who else is going to do it? Not leaving time for you away from the office and running the business is asking for burn-out, and disaster.  Resolve to give yourself that pat on the back and some time away for the great job you’re doing.  In doing so, you will be more motivated and inspired.
  10. Give Back
    • Make a difference in your community.  Remember that those who give also receive. Take the time to find an organization to help, someone to mentor, serve on a committee, or volunteer. By growing goodwill you will also be growing a name for your business. So make a resolution to find a cause in your community that matters to you, and start making a difference.

Our People’s Choice Awards 2010

This week, we’re going to highlight our most popular posts from 2010. Think of it as the People’s Choice Awards of the Blogosphere.

Our number 5 most popular link was a fairly recent post, dating only back to December 27, 2010. The content of this post is so important to anyone who has a business. It is especially important for entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized businesses (which a majority of our clients are). Literally ‘putting yourself on the map’ is crucial to survive in this technological age. If a TomTom can’t find you, then your possible clientelle can’t find you.

Read or Re-read this great post on how to ‘Stay on Top in 2011’. And once you’ve done that, call us to learn how we can decrease your workload, take away worry, and help you accomplish all of your New Year’s Resolutions! Call (770) 339-000 ext. 129 to speak with a friendly Representative now!

And now, the votes have been tallied, and our Number 5 Favorite Post of 2010 was…

Small Business Owners: Use Google Local to Stay on Top in 2011

Small Business Owners: Use Google Local to Stay on Top in 2011

This excerpt is from Lisa Barone’s article on Outspoken Media

Claim Your Google Places Listing

In April 2010 the world of local changed forever. It’s when Google made its local intentions clear with the release of Google Places. Just as Google had always prided itself in organizing the world’s information, Google Places looked to organize the world’s businesses. To date, more than 50 million places have been created. If yours isn’t one of them, you’re behind. This is something you can’t ignore.

To claim your Google Place Page, head over and add your business if it’s not already there. Fill our your profile with your basic information, service areas, payment options, hours, videos, photos and any other additional information that you feel is relevant. It’s really important that you take the time to fill out each and every section, including the area of photos. On October 27, Google showed a serious change to the search engine results page with Place Search What it did was replace the old local 7-pack with comprehensive local listings that put related business images and reviews directly under your Web site listing in the SERP. Yeah, they’re right there for everyone to see.

It’s massive. If you haven’t checked it out, do so now. You’ll start to see just how important your business’ Google Place page is.

Some tips to help you optimize your Google Place Listing

  • As I mentioned, fill out every field. Many sources have stressed the importance of having a score of 100 on your Google Place Listing. Yes, I know, no one likes filling these things out but it’s important. Don’t give me lip.
  • Include relevant keywords that best describe your products and services. That means not only including keywords relevant to what you do, but also where you do it. This is local search after all.
  • Make reviews a priority: Reviews are becoming increasingly important for a number of reasons (which we’ll cover in a bit), however, in the world of Place Search, reviews for your business are appearing directly underneath your Web site listing. There’s no avoiding them, especially now that Google has, itself, gotten into the online review world.
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