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Management Training Series This Thursday, June 4th 2015

We all know we have a duty to investigate harassment and discrimination claims -but what if the claim is ridiculous? Almost comical? Completely preposterous? Do you still have to investigate? Absolutely.

Has an employee ever come to you with a harassment claim so outlandish and ridiculous that you just completely ignored it? For instance, say a male employee comes to you to complain about a female coworker’s attire, saying it was inappropriate and he felt harassed. You see that the female employee’s attire is appropriate and in compliance with the dress code and simply ignore the claim without calling HR Strategies to investigate.

Then, the male employee goes to the EEOC to claim that he is being harassed by this female employee’s “inappropriate” dress. When the EEOC investigates, it turns out that while the female employee’s outfit was in fact appropriate, the male employee actually had a legitimate claim. The EEOC discovers the claimant was angry because the female coworker’s supervisor had been giving her and other female employees preferential treatment; such as better hours or longer lunch breaks. Now the EEOC deems that there was in fact discrimination against the male employee, and if you haven’t done your due diligence, you are in deep trouble.

This scenario is based off of true events, but in the real situation, HR investigated thoroughly and found the deeper underlying cause of the complaint. The issue was dealt with and the EEOC was not involved.

At our upcoming training, we will be discussing how HR Strategies is mitigating your risk of an EEOC lawsuit and what to do in a situation like the one described above. Our speaker, Tracie Maurer of Jackson Lewis, will be discussing the current legal landscape of the EEOC, what is happening in legal cases, and the types of claims won. We will discuss age discrimination, disability discrimination, the ADA, the FLSA, Wage & Hour, and so much more! Come learn why your business is not too small to feel the effects of the EEOC, how HR Strategies can help mitigate your risks of a crippling EEOC Claim!

Contact us today to register! 770-339-0000


Why We Chose the Name HR Strategies

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Did you know that today is Namesake Day? Have you wondered why we chose the name HR Strategies? We develop in-depth strategies for the human resource needs of small to medium sized businesses. The explanation is simple, but what we do for our clients is complex. Our clients outsource their HR hassles and responsibilities to us. Being able to function as an entire Human Resource department, we chose a name that referenced the detail and forethought in which we plan out the customized services we provide for each business. HR Strategies goes above and beyond in managing customized HR solutions for companies that are motivated to reduce costs by using HR Outsourcing. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), HR Strategies becomes your Payroll Processing Company and Workers’ Compensation Outsourcing, handles your Employee Benefits, provides Human Resource Consulting, works with you on Human Resources Regulatory Compliance, and provides Human Resource Training, as well as many other related HR responsibilities. Our professionals enable small business owners to focus on their core competencies, rather than focusing on running payroll, providing employee benefits, or the many other facets of human resource administration. We allow business owners to concentrate on their passion, without being distracted by countless human resources responsibilities.

Call us today to learn how we can take care of your Human Resource needs!


We Appreciate Our Clients!

During this season of thanksgiving, we want to honor and recognize all of our wonderful clients who have made our progress possible. We are proud to be able to serve you, your employees, and all of your business’ needs. From all of us here at HR Strategies, we’d like to say Thank You!

One way we like to show our appreciation to our clients is by offering them complementary Quarterly Training sessions. If you’re an HR Strategies client, call us today to find out more about our Upcoming December Management Training session, one month from today. We hope to see you there!

(770) 339-0000

The Keys to Staying Union Free

Clients: Attend Our Next Training Session

If you hear talk about unions in your workplace, do you know the legal parameters? Equally important, do you know what you should do? Find out on March 8th!

We will be arming you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself against new aggressive NLRB initiatives. With unionization becoming significantly easier to accomplish, find out what you need to know to deal with a union organization attempt in your business.

Our speaker, Ed Cherof, is an attorney at the prestigious law firm Jackson Lewis, LLP. He will be discussing the NLRB poster and how to avoid unionization in the workplace. Specific topics being covered will include:

  • New & anticipated NLRB developments
  • Chances of successful legal challenges
  • What corporate counsel can do now to ensure compliance
  • How to deal with an organizing attempt in your business

We will also touch on recent NLRB decisions that are making it safer and easier for employees to organize such as the Notice of Employee Rights Posting requirements and the NLRB’s Quickie Election rule.

 This training session is completely free for our clients. They will enjoy a top of the line speaker followed by a delicious lunch catered by Johnny Carino’s compliments of HR Strategies. You won’t find an offer like this anywhere else. We’ll also be raffling off a Kindle Fire and five $25 gift cards–Don’t miss out!

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