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Thursday is Thanksgiving


We Appreciate Our Clients!

During this season of thanksgiving, we want to honor and recognize all of our wonderful clients who have made our progress possible. We are proud to be able to serve you, your employees, and all of your business’ needs. From all of us here at HR Strategies, we’d like to say Thank You!

Employee Appreciation

The month of November is often thought of as the month to Give Thanks. As an employer, are you remembering to thank your employees and recognizing their achievements? Showing your employees appreciation for all they do can help boost productivity and morale, and that is always good for business! Here are just a few ways to Give Thanks to your employees this Thanksgiving season…

Treat your employee(s) to lunch

Hand written thank you notes for a personal touch

Awards: maybe a traveling trophy, a nice clock, any type of award that the employee can display in their office space.

Notice In Employee’s File: If an employer wishes to recognize an employee in this way, he should add the note, but also tell the employee he is doing so, so the employee knows he is appreciated.

Kudos Column: If your workplace has a newsletter, add a column where employees are recognized for outstanding efforts and achievements

Simple spoken words of Thanks can go a long way.

Gift Certificates

Implement an employee of the week program

Vacation – yes even a few hours of extra paid vacation time is a big reward for most employees

Ice Cream Sundae Party at the office

Night out at the ballpark for a team of employees

Give the employee a membership or subscription to a journal that relates to their work


Veterans Day

Today we thank all those who have served in the military to protect our freedom.


There are man y initiatives, both government and private, to encourage the hiring of recently returned veterans. These programs help families of soldiers who are working through the transition process between serving the country overseas to day to day civilian life. Many companies are launching campaigns to assist vets.

I Hire Veterans

Hiring Our Heroes

Feds Hire Vets

Hire Heroes USA

Hire Veterans

Military Hire

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!

HR Strategies works every day to keep our clients OSHA compliant, because we believe that safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance. Today, we want to remind you that safety should always come first, whether you are at work or at home. Tomorrow night, as kids across America take to the streets to collect candy, HR Strategies wants to remind you to talk to your kids about Halloween Night Safety. FedEx and Safe Kids Worldwide have created an excellent infographic with tips on how to stay safe this Halloween! Enjoy!

fedex_halloween_infographic_v9Click on the info graphic to learn more!

Halloween Workplace Humor

Why wasn’t the vampire working?

He was on his coffin break.

Why was the mummy so tense at work?

Because he was all wound up.

When Count Dracula isn’t on his coffin break, where does he usually eat his lunch?

At the casketeria.

A little workplace humor to lighten your day. Check us out by clicking on the picture above or here.

Costuming Concerns Plaguing your Office?

Halloween not the only time of year your employees stray from the dress code? HR Strategies can make sure that their “costumes” stay in line with your company’s policy.

Company dress codes can be laid out in a variety of different ways. For instance, your employee handbook can state that your employees’ should wear Professional Business Attire. Casual Attire would be the opposite extreme. Or, you may require your workers to wear a certain uniform, for example khakis and a company polo. Very common nowadays is Business Casual, which coincidentally is what we wear here at the HR Strategies’ main office. Our internal employee handbook defines Business Casual as “A comfortably relaxed version of classic business attire, with no sacrifice of professionalism or personal power.”

How does your company handle the dress code policy? Generally, one of the overarching types of dress codes (listed in the first paragraph) is specified, with a few extra pointers. You can choose to give examples of what is acceptable, and have your employees work around that. Or, you can list things that would not be unacceptable if worn, such as athletic wear, torn or tattered clothing, and flip-flops.

Other types of dress codes may revolve around safety. Some companies require employees to wear steel-toed boots, close-toed shoes, hard hats, or masks to keep them safe while doing their job. What type of dress code do you have in place? When was the last time you updated it? Have you checked to make sure that your appearance policy is compliant with all discrimination and safety laws? These are small changes that can greatly reduce your risk of unnecessary legal headaches!

No matter what type of dress code, appearance policy, or “costuming” your company requires; HR Strategies can personalize your Employee Handbook to fit your business’ needs.  Call us today at (770) 339-0000 or check out our website at for more information!

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