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Snow Jams Georgia Companies

Yesterday’s snow has created chaos in the metro Atlanta area. Read this article for a taste of what we are going through here in Duluth, Georgia. Commuters are still on the road after leaving the workplace yesterday afternoon.

Here at HR Strategies, we are working though the snow and ice to make sure we meet the needs of our clients. Our employees who are closest to the office are already there working and all other employees are working remotely from home. We have a Disaster Recovery Plan put in place that prepares us for situations like today. As it doesn’t look like it will be warming up anytime soon, our clients can rest easy knowing that, just like the snow storm of 2011, we will be there for them all the way through.

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HR Outsourcing Services 101

For the next 6 weeks, our blog will be getting “Back to the Basics” of Human Resource as America goes back to school. We will be presenting a crash course on what companies can expect if they sign with HR Strategies and begin to use our services; a kind of HR Outsourcing 101 course, if you will. We will start with payroll, move to employee benefits, and work our way through workers’ compensation, regulatory compliance, HR consulting, and training. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, please contact us today at 770.339.0000 or here on our website: Contact Us Page

HR Outsourcing 101 Book

Our Disaster Recovery Plan is ready for Storm Season!

Georgia storm season is in full swing, and HR Strategies’ clients are thankful for the Disaster Recovery Plan, which HR Strategies put into place almost a year and a half ago. HR Strategies’ comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan protects loss of important items such as paychecks, benefits, and other human resource administrations. With such sudden destruction of property, as was recently seen in Adairsville, Georgia—a mere 60 miles from HR Strategies’ Duluth office—it’s necessary to have a back up plan in case of natural disaster.

HR Strategies is proud to demonstrate just how extensive and all-inclusive their Disaster Recovery Plan is. Some of the features include nightly offsite backups of all data as well as hourly offsite back ups of all critical data, with 24 hour monitoring. Additionally, HR Strategies has a backup operations site located a sufficient distance from their corporate offices to escape local disaster, which houses replicated computer equipment and workstations. The Disaster Recovery Plan ensures state of the art double layer of encryption protocols that are updated regularly. HR Strategies ensures that the Disaster Recovery Plan is fully operational and up to date with annual testing simulation.

The plan is impressive, but what’s more is that HR Strategies’ internal staff has remote access, which enables all staff members to be fully functional from anywhere via the web. The offsite location has enough workstations to allow certain critical HR Strategies staff members to work directly from the offsite bunker, safe from any possible natural disaster. After a disaster, all HR Strategies staff members are ready to be fully functional within 6 hours, onsite at the disaster recovery site or remotely from anywhere on the internet.

HR Strategies is committed to removing the uncertainty revolving storm season in Georgia. Their Disaster Recovery Plan is robust and ready to keep their clients up and running.

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