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Employee FAQs about Child Labor Laws

The following Frequently Asked Questions are from the Georgia Department of Labor’s Website. For more info, you can contact HR Strategies at 770.339.0000 today!

Q: Do I need a work permit if I am a minor working as a volunteer?

A: A work permit is not required if you are not getting paid or receiving compensation for your services.

Q: I work in a restaurant and have a 12-year old daughter. I do not want to leave her home during the day on non-school days. May I take her to work with me? Can she clear tables and sweep/mop floors as long as she is there anyway?

A: Child labor laws do not apply in simply bringing her to work with you. It is strictly up to the “boss” if you are allowed to bring your child with you. However, she may not do any work at all.

Q: I am 16 years of age. What time does the boss have to let me off in the evenings on a school night?

A: There are no restriction on hours for minors 16 years of age and above. (No cutoff hour; no maximum number of hours per day).

Q: Where do I get a work permit?

A: A minor can get a completed work permit from the school the minor attends. If a minor does not attend school OR if the school does not maintain a supply of work permit data sheets, one may be obtained from the county school superintendent’s office. A minor will need to take a copy of a certified birth certificate to have a completed work permit issued.

Q: Can I start a work permit online?

A: Yes, the work permit data sheet can be started on-line. Use the link below to access the online work permit system designed to allow completion of the work permit data sheet by Minors and Employers and the issuance of work permits by authorized Issuing Officers. Online Work Permit


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