16 Simple Tricks to Get You Motivated

We’ve all been there. You’re back at work from a three-day weekend and you have little to no motivation to get things done.

You have fifty plus emails, seven missed calls, and four voice messages to return that can make your short-week seem impossible.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to get things done and be productive at the same time.

If you’re lacking motivation, check out these 16 simple productivity tricks you can apply in the workplace. Not only will you get back into the swing of things, but you will begin to see improvement in  your productivity.

“Just 5 Minutes”
5 minutes of focus is usually enough to break through your apathy, and before you know it, an hour has passed and you’re done (or have made good progress).

Use Your Body To Trick Your Brain
Stop slouching and get moving! Smile, laugh, and walk around the office. Adjusting your physiology changes your brain and helps you focus.

Chase The “Flow”
You’re in the zone: brain humming and fingers flying. The trick to getting there? Finding the “sweet spot” where task difficulty and your skills meet at a high point. Don’t put off a challenging task – use it to get in the flow and watch yourself soar!

Plan Tomorrow, Tonight
Creating a short list of simple to-dos tonight means hitting the ground running tomorrow and that early momentum will carry you through the rest of your day.

Get The Right Tools
Work tools that frustrate or overwhelm you slow you down and put you in a bad. This is guaranteed to cause procrastination. Find a tool that actually makes your job easier, instead of giving you a headache.

Use Inspirational Quotes
Those cheesy motivational posters exist for a reason! Tack up some inspiration from a person you admire on your wall to give yourself a “motivational pick-me-up.”

Rock Out
Playing your favorite music can block distractions, lift your spirits, and put you in a good mood. Sometimes the best way to stop slacking is to pump yourself up and work to a beat.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist
Impossible standards = guaranteed stress and procrastination. It’s much simpler to improve what you have than conjure perfection out of thin air, so stop psyching yourself out and just get started on the project/task at hand.

Remind Yourself of Your Goals
What are you working towards? Set your desktop background with a photo of your family, dream vacation spot, diploma with your name on it or whatever it is you’re working to achieve.

Turn To Ted Talks
Learn exactly what’s going on in your brain when it comes to motivation so you can take back control. Try these two Ted Talks below:

Don’t Force It
Motivation only lasts for so long. Once you’re tapped out, take a breather, a walk, or an ice cream break. Let your subconscious work on the problem while you recharge.

Rethink Your Process
Sometimes motivation isn’t the problem. If you always dread a specific task or get stuck on the same step, ask yourself: do you really have to do it that way?

Picture Yourself Succeeding
Think about a recent win or a similar task with great results. You’ll get a rush of dopamine, a brain chemical strongly associated with motivation.

Get a Pep Talk
Odds are you’ve seen the famous “Kid President” video, but do yourself a favor & re-watch. Bookmark it for when you need an extra boost or browse similar motivational videos on YouTube.

Celebrate Your Achievements
At the end of each day, review what you accomplished and give yourself a pat on the back. it’s easy to get overwhelmed by what you still have to do, but seeing how far you’ve come can keep you from getting overwhelmed and shutting down.



About HR Strategies

HR Strategies is a private human resource management firm created to enable small business owners to focus on their core competencies, rather than the tedium of running payroll, providing employee benefits, or the many other facets of human resource administration. We allow business owners to concentrate on their passion, without being distracted by countless human resource responsibilities.

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