Tuesday Tip: Documenting Behavior and Performance

Generating and managing fair, accurate, and non-biased documentation of employee behavior and performance is one of the most important skills all supervisors need to develop. Good documentation by supervisors and managers can mean the difference between a company winning and losing an employment-related lawsuit.

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  • Document all instances when employee fails to do his/her job.
  • Probationary period is not an excuse for terminations. You must document failed or substandard performance.
  • Employment-at-will does not preclude an employee from unemployment benefits or suing – it is in fact an “admission” by the employer that they may have not had a reason to terminate or that the employer failed to do their job!

Documentation Must Be A Habit, Be Done Early, Done On All Employees, and Be Balanced; At the End of The Day, It’s What the Courts Analyze for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims.


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