Summer Hours = Fun for Employees + Productivity for Employers

As the temperature heats up and the sun shines bright… Are your employees really being productive? Or are they trapped at their cubicles longing to be at the pool, the lake, anywhere outside? Maybe the concept of “Summer Hours” could be the answer to both productivity and your employees’ needs to have some summertime fun. Nancy Mobley, discusses how “Summer hours can be a perk with more bang for your buck than more traditional employee benefits,” in her article Summer Hours: HR Policy Highlight, on Read the article by clicking here…

summer hours work on vacation


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About HR Strategies

HR Strategies is a private human resource management firm created to enable small business owners to focus on their core competencies, rather than the tedium of running payroll, providing employee benefits, or the many other facets of human resource administration. We allow business owners to concentrate on their passion, without being distracted by countless human resource responsibilities.

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