Daylight Savings Time Started Yesterday!

Daylight Savings Time started yesterday. That means that we turned our clocks ahead an hour, essentially losing an hour of sleep. Daylight Savings Time was started during World War I to decrease energy use. Though there are still debates as to whether or not this “changing” time actually conserves energy or not, the more recent debate has been regarding the effects on our health and our work. This loss of just one hour of sleep leaves many of us tired and sleepy. Even though the change occurs in the wee hours of Sunday, most are still not adjusted by Monday morning. Employees report to work “sleepy” and are far more likely to loaf and be less productive. This sleepy workforce is also at far greater risk of accidents, both on the way to work and on the job itself. So when can we expect our workforce to be back to prime after “springing forward”? The journal Sleep Medicine notes that it can take some as long as three weeks to adjust to the time change, but for most of us, we should be fine in just a day or two.



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