The Future of Virtual Reality in the Workplace

Let’s face it the workplace is changing. The way we communicate is becoming more virtual. For many of us even our workspaces are becoming virtual, or at the least remote accessible. As technology continues to escalate, broaden, and develop, so should our ways of working, and learning.

Two technology platforms that are in the works or possibilities in the future that have been of great interest lately, both in the way we work and learn, as well as in the way we live. These are the Microsoft HoloLens and the technology shown in the video “A Day Made of Glass … Made possible by Corning”. Every year there seems to be leaps and bounds in what the future of technology holds, and it is seems that the ideas shown by the above mentioned are not too far in the distance. But how will they affect the way we work?

Looking at both, the biggest thing may be creativity and collaboration. These two items used to rely heavily on in-person meetings (visualize the creative meetings held in the series “Mad Men”), but with a global workforce, or even a nationally spread out workforce, these can often be conquered by online meetings, and document sharing programs. The same can be found true in the realm of training. Using podcasts, webcasts, webinars, and much more. But the future seems to be extending way beyond that. The future seems to be taking what we are currently using and turning it 3 dimensional, thus creating an even more realistic view of projects and training simulations. It may even be 4D one day. Imagine a training simulation on driving safety during hazardous weather conditions like snow; where the simulation is 4D, as the trainee you become the simulation, driving in the snow and you feel the snow wet on your back and slip when exiting the vehicle (all while actually standing inside a dry room)! Yes, the future seems to be filled with endless possibilities to further collaborate and prepare our workforce. But what about privacy? As we well know, when technology grows so do our concerns about privacy and our threats against security. We can be sure that with the expanding technology, we will also see expanding laws governing such.
day made of glass

Click on the links to see the video and read more about the HoloLens!


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