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This month, as 2014 comes to a close, we are taking a look back at some of the most important blog topics we have covered both in case you missed them, and to help you prepare for 2015!

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The following information will help your company save money by winning more unemployment claims! Look for disciplinary tips during the next few weeks and always call HR Strategies for answers to questions or for assistance. Be proactive with documentation & progressive discipline!

Common Questions Found on DOL Questionnaires When a Former Employee File for UI Benefits: 

  1. What was the reason this person was discharged on this particular day? Give full details.
  2. Explain in detail the effect this employee’s actions had on your business.
  3. Explain the policy, order, rule or instruction this employee failed to follow.
    1. What date did the above incident occur?
    2. When was this employee advised of the rule or policy?
    3. How would this employee have known about the rule or policy?
  4. Give exact dates and details about any warnings given to this employee: who told him/her, whether warning was written or verbal and the nature of the warning.
  5. Was the employee advised he/she was in danger of losing his/her job?
  6. Did the discharge occur within a reasonable time from the date of the incident?
  7. Describe the employee’s job duties and how long he/she performed the job.
  8. Was the required standard ever met?

Denying undeserving employees of unemployment benefits starts at the first sign of trouble. You need to be able to answer these questions truthfully and completely. This initial response is generally all the DOL utilizes to allow or deny benefits.

Key Element: Documentation

  • Document all instances when employee fails to do his/her job.
  • Probationary period is not an excuse for terminations. You must document failed or substandard performance.
  • Employment-at-will does not preclude an employee from unemployment benefits or suing – it is in fact an “admission” by the employer that they may have not had a reason to terminate or that the employer failed to do their job!

Remember: HR Strategies is always available to answer questions and guide you through progressive discipline and terminations. We handle all steps of the UI claims process and help you win more unemployment claims, thus saving you time and money!

Call us at 770-339-0000, option 3 or email:

Documentation Must Be A Habit, Be Done Early, Done On All Employees, and Be Balanced; At the End of The Day, It’s What the Courts Analyze for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims.


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