Happy Techies Day!

National Techies Day is best observed by showing appreciation for all of the technical workers. However, we think it’s a great time to remind you of a few of the technical platforms we offer our clients!technology

  • Our HRIS system offers Web Access for clients and worksite employees. Through the uncompromised flexibility and functionality of the Web Access portal of our HRIS system, clients can access the same database our agents are using; thus there is no waiting until servers are updated with data from the previous day or hour, and no data duplication. The Web Access portal offers clients self-generated reports and ad-hoc reporting; saving their favorite query settings. There is a separate “Employee” and “Manager” Website interface, each customized as to the amount and kind of information that is accessible. In addition to running reports on the Web Access portal, managers enjoy time sheet entry or even timesheet upload capabilities – cutting down on keying errors and processing time. Managers are able to track performance, goals, and disciplinary actions; along with entering date sensitive HR actions such as: pay rate changes, job changes, terminations, rehires, leave of absence, and status/type changes. But the Web Access portal isn’t just for managers; it also has many benefits for worksite employees. Worksite employees are able to pull up prior year W2’s, paystubs, benefit balances, and so much more. The best part being that, because the information is on a web portal – it is available 24 hours a day! And what’s more, there are apps for a few of the items, such as check stubs. How nice is it to go completely paperless? I.e. an employee has direct deposit – no check stub needs to be printed at all, if the company chooses. The employee can simply pull up their check stub right on their smart phone using an app!
  • Track your employee’s time online! No more printed timesheets. No more manually calculating hours. No more filling out paper schedules. The capabilities of Time Tracker are saving endless hours and promoting greater efficiency and budgeting capabilities for many of our clients. Not only does Time Tracker enable you to track your employee’s time, but you can also keep track of Paid Time Off Accruals and requests, and employee scheduling. The reporting capabilities within the Time Tracker system are state of the art, and can help you see what cost centers are requiring the most hours and even overtime hours. Combining scheduling with time keeping allows employers to budget their hours and then compare actual time worked vs. scheduled time worked. What’s more, Time Tracker allows your mobile workforce to do the key essentials of the system right from their smart phone using an app! Not sure about the security of tracking time on a smart phone? No worries, if you choose to do so, GPS coordinates can be captured as to where the employee is when they punch in!
  • Our electronic Open Enrollment for benefits enables our clients and worksite employees to complete their open enrollment selections via the web. No more endless actual paperwork to fill out; and employees and managers enjoy the ability to access it from home, where all family members can be present to view and select enrollment options.
  • Electronic Onboarding allows clients to have their new hire worksite employees complete all necessary employment paperwork right online. This capability allows for fewer missed answers to questions, and a more efficient process in completing the necessary steps for hire.

As technology grows in the general population, you can be sure that it will continue to grow in the HR world. We at HR Strategies are continually striving to keep pace with the needs and wants of our employers in bringing that technology to all of our clients. As we do so, we will always continue our in depth customer service and client satisfaction. After all, the technology is only as good as the people bringing it to you and servicing it on a daily basis.

To learn more about the HR technology we are offering our clients, or to see a demo of the systems mentioned, please reach out to us at 770.339.0000 or Click Here to Contact Us Today!


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