Time for an Attitude Adjustment?

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” ~ Wade Boggs

Did you know that October is Positive Attitude Month? Maggie Sabatier-Smith is an experienced Life Coach, and discusses attitude in her recent article, Time for an Attitude Adjustment?, which can be found here. We love what she has to say about the strong impact attitude can have in the workplace, whether it be positive or negative. A positive outlook can both lift our spirits and improve job performance, not to mention improve interpersonal employee communications and relations. Keep reading for a few excerpts from her post about how an attitude adjustment can improve our workday and all day-to-day activities.

From the moment we open our eyes each morning we are presented with a multitude of choices.   Over time some of our choices may become habits. Attitude is a choice. We get to choose our outlook for each day, our approach to people or events. Our behavior reflects our attitude. Attitude not only influences our actions but it also spills over into the lives of everyone we connect with. It’s contagious.

Keep reading as Maggie walks us through an office attitude adjustment:

  • What’s your starting position, your go-to attitude? Is your glass half full or half empty?
    • Notice the words you speak. Do they encourage? Has sarcasm crept into your conversations?
    • How does your body language reflect your beliefs?
    • Actions speak for you. What message do they convey?
  • Begin with the end in mind… Paint the picture of a positive workplace.
    • How do you greet each other?
    • How do you interact on work issues? Collaboration?
    • What do your peers, clients and vendors say about you?
    • What’s your level of productivity?
  • Identify your resources. What encourages and supports you personally and in the workplace? Create a personal development plan that supports your goals. Make sure to include:
    • Spirituality … What do you believe?
    • Health & Wellness… Nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, all of these influence your attitude. Where can you improve?
    • Relationships… Who is in your circle of influence?
    • Finances… What does financial peace mean to you?
    • Accountability… Who will hold you accountable for your goals?
  • Walk it out… Starting with the decision to choose a Positive Attitude, aware of your starting position, clear on your destination and equipped with your personal development plan… Success is imminent!

If your office is full of positive attitudes, the possibilities of what you can accomplish are endless. While knowledge, hard work, and intelligence are important to running any business; a positive attitude can help a company thrive. We will leave you with a final word from Maggie Sabatier-Smith:

maggie09Expect Extraordinary! There is power in a made-up mind. Take action. Let a positive attitude be your go-to place. Walk in the confidence that your contribution matters.   Take pride in your life and in your workplace. Is this your Call To Action? Is it time for an Attitude Adjustment?

The full article by Maggie Sabatier-Smith: Speaker, Personal & Team Development Coach, Catalyst for change, can be found by clicking on this line.


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