Hiding Skeletons

Drug Screening, Verification, & New Hire Candidate Assessment Tools

Nick Fishman, chief marketing officer and executive vice president for employeescreenIQ in Cleveland, OH, notes that his firm “finds a 56 percent discrepancy rate between what candidates claim about their past employment and academic credentials and what we find when we inquire.”

How are you checking for the skeletons in your employee candidates’ closets? A 56% discrepancy rate can be quite scary for a company. Are they really who they say they are in terms of education, qualifications, and experience? As the job market has become constrained due to the recession in recent years, there are more candidates available; more candidates trying to be “better” than the next. This has led to an increase in false information from candidates trying to put themselves ahead of the pack. The result is an influx of applicants who sometimes aren’t truly representing themselves in an honest way; leading to a workforce that might not be truly qualified for the positions in which they were hired for. An unqualified workforce can lead to a realm of nightmares in the employee, manager, and companies’ lifecycle. Making sure that you verify all information presented by candidates can greatly identify the skeletons that are hiding; allowing your business to find the best new employees. HR Strategies is proud to offer new hire assessment, drug screening, and a host of other verification tools to aid our clients in making the appropriate selection in candidates. To find out more about these services contact our representatives today at 770-339-0000.


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