How Are You Staying Fit this Holiday Season?

In the quest for a meaningful and purposeful life, we should strive for vitality. But what exactly is vitality? Vitality is an encompassing word for: energy, liveliness, strength, vigor, vivacity, verve, life, and buoyance. Who wouldn’t want to strive for vitality and all the ways that it can benefit our lives? The question becomes how do we achieve vitality? HumanaVitality is here to help.

HumanaVitality is a program sponsored by Humana, for Humana plan participants. Headquartered in Chicago, HumanaVitality is the joint venture between Humana and Discovery Holdings, Ltd., that was created to bring greater vitality and lifestyle improvement to Humana plan participants. Humana entered into the joint venture with hopes that offering a vitality and lifestyle improvement program would enable plan participants to have less healthcare and chronic disease costs, shorter hospital stays, and fewer hospital admissions. We’re excited to share that results show HumanaVitality has achieved these goals thus far.

So how does it work? HumanaVitality has three main components: know your health, engage in your health, and get rewarded. Knowing your health means participating in health assessments in order to gage just how healthy you currently are. You must know where you stand currently in order to make improvements. Engaging in your health means taking control and making improvements to achieve your optimal health and vitality. Getting rewarded is your motivation.

You earn points and then rewards through the program for the improvements you make to your health. These rewards can include movie tickets, music downloads, electronics, hotel packages, and many other options. Of course the biggest reward is the self-improvement and greater vitality that you personally achieve through a healthier lifestyle.

HR Strategies is pleased to be able to offer our participating clients and employees the HumanaVitality program through our partnership with Humana. It is our hope that plan participants will take advantage of this healthy lifestyle rewards program; it may even help keep you on track with your New Year’s resolutions! To find out more about the HumanaVitality program please visit the Humana Page under Our Partners on our website.


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