Tricks? More like TREATS!

When you think of the words “Trick or Treat”, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Candy, of course! It’s that time of year again, when children everywhere will be zooming around the house on a sugar high… unfortunately, it’s also a busy season for dentists. HR Strategies wants to help you with this yearly issue.

When perusing the Internet for interesting Halloween candy facts, we came across this great site called Halloween Candy Buyback. Your kids might not be as keen on the idea, but you don’t have to “sell” all of their candy back! Even if you don’t have kids, or you’re empty nesters, this is a great alternative to either throwing out or eating all of that unhealthy leftover candy from your bowl!

We really like this concept for a few reasons: First, it gives us an opportunity to brighten the day of our troops, who have devoted their lives to keeping us safe. Even if we stopped there, it’s a great program! Secondly, it can reduce the risk of cavities in kids (and sneaky parents with a sweet tooth). Cavities can be traumatic for kids and adults alike, and that drill definitely isn’t your wallet’s friend. Thirdly, when you “sell candy” you can get cash, coupons, toothbrushes, or whatever creative exchanges your dentist comes up with. And lastly, if you are a dental practice, this program can give your office a great reputation in the community and will really make you stand out above the rest.

The Halloween Candy Buyback site has a participating Dentist Locator for families who want to “sell their candy back” as well as a place to register if you are a dental practice. For example, there are 12 participating dentists in a 15-mile radius of our HR Strategies’ office, how convenient is that? Check out this site today for healthier teeth and a chance to make a difference in your community!


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